Liz Collins León


I consider a feature from every angle to account for not just the product's current needs, but all its potential future needs.


Liz Collins León

I pour from my experience with user research, business, and development to craft solutions that are forward thinking; designs that always leave space for growth. I iterate through concept after concept until the web of possibilities are adequately accounted for. 

What I've Done

My years at Adometry and Google were spent distilling complex, over-grown applications into simplified workflows. With experience in both B2B and P2P interaction, I work comfortably within lean and agile-driven environments, under tight deadlines, and even vague requirements to grow startups and foster collaboration.

My Creative Process

From concept to launch, I employ a lean, user-centered approach that is adjusted to project size and scope. I first identify or refine user-requirements based on available research and experience, then work alongside project owners to sketch initial wireframes. Concepts and findings are reviewed, mock-ups are revised, and a beta-version is developed for either additional testing or for one final review by product before launch.

Armed with wireframes, mock-ups, styleguides, and prototypes, I am involved at every stage to maintain focus on usability and align everyone's goals toward solutions that are realistic in concept, cost, and time.




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